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News - 03/02/2014
Using Betting Exchanges to Bet on Live Football - WBX

Using Betting Exchanges to Bet on Live Football
With new sports channels popping up every day, there is ever increasing exposure to live football. More live football equates to more betting on the matches as people look to have an active interest in the games they are watching. Betting exchanges are quickly becoming the preferred choice of punters for their football betting, due to range of markets and ability to trade in and out of games, locking in a profit.
Unlike traditional bookmakers, betting exchanges offer the ability to bet on football teams to lose as well as win. Individuals can now side against teams they do not want to win a game, and do not have to worry about it being a draw. As long as the team they have bet against does not win the match, the customer profits. Furthermore, not only do betting exchanges allow bettors to bet on teams to lose, but they also allow them to do this throughout the course of the match. Live betting is very useful, as not only does it enable punters to make more informed decisions based upon the run of play etc. but also it allows individuals to trade on games. Trading is the process of backing/laying a team and then striking the opposite bet when the odds become advantageous. This may occur when a team has scored a goal, or the opposition has had a red card.
For instance, Chelsea are playing at home to Tottenham. An individual believes Tottenham cannot
win. He therefore places a lay bet on Tottenham for £10 at 4.5. The potential liability off this bet is £35 if Tottenham do win, but the punter profits £10 if they fail to do so. Chelsea score in the tenth minute and Tottenham’s odds are now 9.0 to win the game. By placing a back bet at 9.0, the individual is now able to guarantee a profit of £5 regardless of the final result, as if they do go on to lose, he takes
£10 profit from lay bet - £5 back bet stake
Pays out £35 if Tottenham go on to win the game, but makes a profit of £40 from the back bet at odds of 9.0
Betting exchanges can help eliminate the risk associated with traditional betting. Once the team you have struck a bet on are in the lead, you can generally close the bet for a profit. Placing lay bets at the
80th  minute during live betting can eliminate late heartbreak.
WBX offers live betting and betting on teams to lose (which opens up a range of new betting strategies).  They also offer better odds and shorter suspensions for cards, goals and other incidents. Due to WBX being a peer to peer betting platform, the odds available are better, as there are no bookmaker margins. Short suspensions give more time for betting and low commission rates make returns attractive. When greening up on WBX  with football betting, stake money is immediately returned to the account which provides you with the opportunity to invest in other events/markets.

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