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News - 23/04/2008
Odds changes in seperate pages

Changed the way odds-changes appear in a way to be more readable and

are now in 4 main sections:
 50 Next Games (the next games that will start ordered by date/time/competition).
 Spread changes. The games where spread changed. Calculating the difference
between home and away odds and presenting the spread with the smallest
difference, eg 1.95 - 1.95 and not 1.70 - 2.20, that is much more reliable.
 Total line Changes. Games that changed line in total, calculated as above.
 Odds changes. Games where spreads and total lines are stable but odds changed
more than 15%.
 Soon will be added 1X2 odds
 For any notices, ideas, recommendations please send us an email with form or
directly in team

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